Trend Alert: Popular Jewelry Styles This Year

Trend Alert: Popular Jewelery Styles This Year

Buying jewelry for an extraordinary person in your life — whether a sweetheart, spouse, mother, best companion, sister, or someone else — can be precarious. The right piece can be the ideal gift for a unique day, celebration, or “because.” However, jewelry that doesn’t quite make her heart skirt a thump could wind up gathering dust in a drawer.

Popular Jewelery Styles

Be that as it may, how do you have any idea what jewelry will excite your loved one? Do they need silver or gold? Could they lean toward a necklace or earrings? Are they an enthusiast of gemstones? How would they feel about personalization?

Don’t bother stressing — or risk giving away the surprise gift you have arranged by asking too many questions! At Silpada, we as of late reviewed the most popular jewelry styles.

We are here to assist you with finding the ideal piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, a commemoration, a birthday, or essentially a method for telling a lady in your life how exceptional they are.

How We Found Out What Jewelry Is in Style

Jewelry inclinations and popular decisions change over the long haul, so we set off on a mission to discover what types of jewelry today’s women need. To become familiar with the most in-style jewelry, we conversed with a different gathering of 600 women from across the United States to enlighten us concerning their fantasy jewelry collection.

A couple of the things we asked the women in the study:

  • What is your favorite sort of jewelry overall?
  • While looking at explicit types of jewelry styles (rings, necklaces, and so on), what draws your eye?
  • What jewelry styles do you like (boho, classic, articulation, and so forth.)?
  • Do you like personalized jewelry? Provided that this is true, what kind of personalization could you need?
  • Do you like gemstones? Provided that this is true, which is your favorite?

To surprise someone in your existence with jewelry that she’ll probably wear again and again, here are the most popular jewelry styles of today that might be useful to you find that ideal gift.

The Top 7 Popular Jewelry Trends

Our overview of popular jewelry gave us a few incredible insights into how women like to embellish. Look at our outcomes beneath to assist you with figuring out what to purchase for your loved ones without trying to do too much investigator work.

1. Classic Jewelry Styles Are In

Classic jewelry was the most popular style among the women we got some information about their inclinations. This kind of jewelry is immortal — if you can imagine a piece looking similarly as stylish many years ago as it is would today, for example, silver circles and ball studs, odds are it’s a classic jewelry style.

However, if classic jewelry doesn’t seem like your gift beneficiary’s go-to, the following two most popular styles are minimalist jewelry, which unpretentiously improves a look without drawing attention, and on the opposite finish of the range, explanation jewelry, which is novel pieces and pack a ton of wow factor.

2. Silver Jewelry Comes Out on Top

More than 42% of our respondents favor silver-hued jewelry over gold, rose gold, or two-toned jewelry — however, all types had fan bases.

3. Stud Earrings Are the Favorite

Earrings topped the list of favorite types of jewelry overall, with the majority of women in our review preferring basic, yet exquisite stud earrings over other earring styles.

Simply make certain to check if their ears are pierced or not. On the off chance that they don’t have pierced ears, another kind of jewelry might be better. Fortunately, rings and necklaces came in a nearby second and third!

4. Women Love Rings with Gemstones

Are you looking to gift a ring however you don’t know what style will be a hit? The women of our study overwhelmingly told us they favor rings with jewels. (Hint: Sterling silver rings make gemstones pop.)

5. Bangle Bracelets Are In

Looking to add another wristband to her collection? Bangles are fun and flexible — in most cases, they simply slide over the hand and are perfect for stacking and layering. The women we talked with say this type is their top wristband decision.

6. It’s All About the Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces can be bashful or striking, depending on the pendant. They likewise usually pair well with an immense assortment of outfits. Maybe that is the reason they were picked as the most popular necklace style!

7. You (Probably) Can’t Go Wrong With Gemstones

Assuming you remove one thing from this article, let it be that gemstones are in. 84% picked jewelry styles with pearls over those without, and each age bunch studied said their favorite types of rings included stones.

If you can’t settle on a gemstone, birthstone jewelry is a good beginning, especially assuming you’re buying a present. Keep in mind, you can utilize birthstones for occasions other than birthday celebrations. For instance, to purchase your better half a commemoration present, you could get her a necklace with the stone that corresponds with the month you two met — and your love for one another was “conceived.”

While diamonds appear to be a young lady’s best companion, other gemstones in different varieties are likewise popular. We likewise have cubic zirconia options in similar tones as these popular jewels. Ensure you get to know the various types of gemstones so you can pick a gift that fits the occasion and your giftee’s style.

Best Personalized Jewelry to Get Mom

What’s the Best Personalized Jewelry to Get Mom?

Is Mother’s Day not far off? Or on the other hand, do you simply believe should accomplish something decent for a mom in your life? Consider personalized fascinate jewelry, a favorite style.

A big part of the women we reviewed are moms, and with regards to personalized pieces, having their youngsters’ names on them would make their hearts soften.