Trend 2023: Men’s Rings For Every Occasion.

Trend 2023: Men’s Rings For Every Occasion.

Adornments for men is an ancient idea. Traditionally, the owning and wearing of gems served as a demonstration of someone’s wealth and social position. However, sensibilities about masculine rings changed over the long run and many men became hesitant when it came to wearing gems items past watches. Today, some men are still not comfortable wearing wedding bands, a relatively new tradition that originated in the 1940s.

Fortunately, trends have changed a great deal throughout recent years and more men are comfortable wearing various ring types, including past wedding rings. To accommodate this growing pattern, designers have responded by creating men’s rings with styles from understated and serious to fun and innovative.

Best Materials for Men’s Rings

Perhaps the best place to start this article is by examining the variety of materials from which men’s rings may be crafted. While the market for women’s rings is mostly restricted to conventional precious metals (this means platinum or some alloy of gold), designers of men’s rings use exciting raw materials such as petrified wood, silicon, alternative metals, and even fossils.

Each of the different types of materials has novel durability tolerances about temperature, denting, scratching, and breakage. These parameters should be taken into consideration as the various materials may, or may not, be appropriate for your lifestyle. The following are a couple of the more normally used unusual metals offered by retailers.

Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide is a metal made primarily of tungsten mixed with a carbon alloy. The resulting metallic alloy may be light or dark in tone and can take on several different polishes and textures. Tungsten carbide is suitable for use in gems because it is hypoallergenic, similar in density to gold, won’t tarnish, and is challenging to scratch. Thanks to these attributes, tungsten carbide may be worn by even the most active individuals. However, while considering purchasing a tungsten carbide ring, you should take into account that it may not be resized at a later date.


 Another unusual metal that is used to fashion masculine rings is tantalum. Like tungsten carbide, tantalum is an exceptionally durable metal that is both hypoallergenic and resists scratching. Adornments may be made from almost unadulterated tantalum without the presence of secondary metals. Fortunately, dissimilar to tungsten carbide rings, tantalum bands may be resized and repaired.


Cobalt is usually alloyed with different metals to make it suitable for use in adornments. One of the advantages of cobalt is that its appearance is the same as white gold, however, it usually costs less. Four times harder than platinum, cobalt is known for being resilient and is exceedingly challenging to scratch or chip. Moreover, it won’t bother your skin. Cobalt rings can take on numerous types of finishes and may be resized if necessary.

Types of Men’s Rings

Since we have covered some of the more popular choices of metal for men’s rings, let’s explore some ring styles and uses.

Engagement Rings

During the 1920s, an attempt was made by marketers to advance engagement rings for men. While little headway was made around then, trends have as of late shifted, and men in relationships of all types are wearing engagement rings more than ever. Some have even coined another term for the burgeoning category – “Engagement” rings. Their popularity has grown to the point where online retailer James Allen devotes a whole category to masculine engagement rings.

Like women’s engagement rings, these bands are often significantly costlier than wedding bands because they generally feature more gemstones and/or exhibit complex stylistic elements. Whether this means one or several significant diamonds, or a band encrusted with many scuffle-sized gems, engagement rings for either orientation are meant to be showy and impressive.

Wedding Bands

Men in the Uk or USA didn’t start wearing wedding bands in significant numbers until after WWII in the mid to late 1940s. This growing pattern coincided with the bolstering of the American working class. The resulting optimism and gains in disposable income helped increase the popularity of men’s wedding rings.

As mentioned, trends applying to men’s wedding bands are similar to those regarding women’s wedding rings in that they are often both less ornate and costly than engagement rings will generally be. This is because wedding bands are meant to be more practical and serious than engagement rings are.

As wedding bands are often worn daily (many try not to eliminate their rings in any event, while bathing or sleeping), it is often not sensible to have significant gemstones mounted in high-profile designs which are vulnerable to snagging or impact. As a result, most bands are plain. If gemstones are present, they are probably going to be set profoundly into the mounting.

Eternity/Anniversary Rings

Eternity bands feature an uninterrupted ring of gemstones encircling the finger. They have turned into a popular present choice for both men and women to get for important anniversaries. The style of these rings is situated between engagement and wedding band designs. Like engagement rings, they are set with many gems. However, such as wedding bands, these gemstones are discreetly set in a position of safety against the band to minimize the risk of damage.

One of the benefits of eternity rings is that they may be worn all alone or stacked for a more impactful look. However, while shopping for an eternity ring, bear in mind that most cannot be sized up later on.

Fashion Rings

Trends are evolving so that men needn’t bother with being in a serious relationship to wear a ring. Just as more men are comfortable wearing engagement and marriage rings, they are also sporting fashion rings only for decorative purposes. There are no rules for how these rings should look or be worn! The latest things favor every sort of style and use from bold and large, to discrete and thin, and from numerous bands creatively stacked on top of each other to many one-of-a-kind rings worn simultaneously on different fingers.

Signet Rings

The wearing of signet rings is an ancient practice with proof demonstrating that they have been worn by men for numerous millennia. Historically, these rings had a practical purpose. Their flat surfaces were carved with family crests or seals representing their social status or position. These engravings recognized the author and were pressed into the wax which sealed letters and other official documents. Today, signet rings may be engraved with any sort of symbol, initials, or image. Additionally, many collegiate ring designers adopt the signet style as school names and symbols are easily engraved onto the flat surface.

Custom Ring Designs

There are many unconventional styles on the market for all personality types. Companies like CustomMade utilize designers to work straightforwardly with individuals to create stand-out rings based on their one-of-a-kind interests and passions. The inspiration for these rings can be anything from nature themes to favorite film characters, specific historical periods, and even dearest gemstone combinations.


To close, men should not be shy or hesitant about wearing rings. Not exclusively are more men comfortable with the idea of engagement and wedding rings, yet they are also sporting fashion rings in a plethora of styles. Whether you are happy donning a cutting-edge wedding band made from an unusual material, or ready to show off a distinctive custom design, there are many sources and varieties of men’s rings available for you to appreciate.