The Most Popular Jewelry Trends of the 90s: From Chokers to Belly Rings

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Trends in jewellery come and go, but some have a long-lasting impact on the fashion sector. Jewellery was no exception to the decade of experimentation that was the 1990s. The 90s jewellery styles were all about making a statement, from chokers to belly rings. Let’s look at some of the most popular jewellery styles from the 1990s.


Chokers were unquestionably one of the most popular jewellery styles throughout the 1990s. Women of all ages wore these form-fitting necklaces, which came in a variety of forms, materials, and designs. Chokers came in a range of fabrics, from velvet to lace, and were frequently embellished with charms or pendants. Chokers were the ideal accessory for adding a little of edge to any ensemble.

Belly Rings

Belly rings, sometimes known as belly button rings, were a fashionable jewellery trend in the 1990s. They gained popularity in the late 1990s and were frequently spotted on celebrities and fashion icons. Belly rings were constructed of a variety of materials, such as gold, silver, and even plastic. They were frequently embellished with jewels, diamonds, or other colourful stones.


Hoops were a popular jewellery design in the 1990s and continue to be so now. Large hoops were quite trendy in the 1990s and were frequently worn with a range of outfits. Hoops came in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, and were frequently fashioned of gold, silver, or other metals.

Chokers with Tattoos

Another popular jewellery item in the 1990s was tattoo chokers. These chokers were constructed of stretchable plastic and were meant to seem like a tattoo around the neck. Tattoo chokers were available in a range of colours, including black, red, and blue, and were frequently paired with a variety of costumes.

Bracelets with Chunks

Chunky bracelets were a popular jewellery trend in the 1990s, and they were frequently layered. These bracelets were created using a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and even leather. They were frequently embellished with studs, spikes, or other decorative embellishments.

Bracelets with Chunks


Another popular jewellery item in the 1990s was anklets. These ankle bracelets come in a variety of forms and designs and were worn around the ankle. Some anklets were fashioned of beads, while others of gold or silver. Anklets were frequently paired with sandals or other open-toed footwear.

Butterfly Clips

In the 1990s, butterfly clips were a popular hair accessory, but they were frequently embellished with jewels or other creative components. These clips were frequently worn in pairs to pull back fringe or other portions of hair.

Mood Rings

Mood rings were a popular jewellery trend in the 1990s, and teenagers and young adults frequently wore them. These rings were made with a liquid crystal that changed colour based on the wearer’s body temperature. Mood rings were available in a variety of forms and were frequently embellished with jewels or other decorative embellishments.

​​Necklaces made of cord

Cord necklaces are versatile and easy to wear for any occasion. The cord necklace is all about displaying your individuality. The eccentric jewellery trend is a celebrity favourite, as seen on Bella Hadid and Iris Law.

Necklaces with Nameplates

I recall falling in love with the nameplate necklace when Miley Cyrus wore a Kitson LA style many moons ago. In 2022, the nameplate necklace has been reimagined with styles to suit everyone. Keep it simple with a script necklace or go for something edgier with a heart pendant.

Classic Pearls

Pearls were once associated with being preppy and fancy. Although they can be used to spruce up a look, there are so many types available now to suit any fashion aesthetic. Keep it classic with an imitation pearl necklace, or try something unique like the V-necklace.

Bracelets with power beads

If I were to pick just one 90s jewellery item as the most iconic of the decade, it would undoubtedly be the bead bracelet. It was a movement, not just a fad!

The main distinction between bead bracelets and friendship bracelets was that the latter were composed entirely of knots. Bead bracelets represented the beginning of friendships and relationships, as well as the end of them. 

It was not ordinary to throw away your bracelet when a friendship ended, or even hurl it in rage during a heated debate. “I threw away your bracelet, we are done!” is a sentence only a true 90s kid will understand.

Bracelets in general emphasised our most commercial side, establishing a whole side economy of artisanship with many kids learning the craft and venturing out to explore their entrepreneurial spirit by opening up shop on the sidewalks. Of course, there were always the lazy ones who weren’t interested in learning and would rather steal one from their hardworking buddies!

Bracelets with power beads

Plastic rings from the 1990s

During the 1990s, jewellery in general was quite quirky and colourful. There were a lot of styles that made you look like you stole Polly Pocket’s shinies, but none more so than the famed plastic rings.

They were juvenile, quite on the nose, and usually had a flashy quality that made them stand out no matter how ridiculous the rest of the costume was. 

They could also be as inexpensive as a cereal box surprise or as pricey as a major outlay on a popular brand. Some individuals even cast them in resin at home and personalise them… Others took the simple route and simply bought them in the mall.


The 1990s were a decade of experimentation, and jewellery fashions reflected that. The 90s jewellery styles were all about making a statement, from chokers to belly rings. While some of these trends have passed into obscurity, others continue to be fashionable today. Whether you’re wanting to add a touch of 90s style to your wardrobe or you’re simply interested about past trends, the jewellery trends of the 1990s provide an intriguing view into the world of fashion.