Going to a Job Interview, What jewelry Is Appropriate?

Going to a Job Interview, What jewelry Is Appropriate?

Thus, you landed the position interview — congratulations! Now that you’ve prepared your talking focuses to flaunt your abilities, now is the right time to pick the jewelry that show you mean business.

Read on for pointers on adding interview jewelry to your look so you can make a great initial feeling during a face-to-face or remote interview.

Priorities straight: What Garments Should You Wear To An Interview?

Dressing for progress isn’t simply a charming slogan – it is an important phrase to live by. It’s important to dress appropriately for the job and industry you’re hoping to fabricate a career.

For instance, how you dress for an interview at a fashion configuration company will vary somewhat from how you dress for an interview at a law firm.

In any case, for almost all job interviews, toning it down would be best. Professional attire is straightforward, natural tones are always a safe wagered. Grab a pencil skirt or slacks, a shirt, and your favorite shut-toe siphons or flats. Pair this all with natural makeup and very much manicured nails.

Since it has become so undeniably obvious what to wear, we should see how you’ll style your outfit with the appropriate jewelry for a job interview.

appropriate jewelry for a job interview

Appropriate Jewelry For A Job Interview

What exactly does interview jewelry seem to be?

Dainty jewelry like stud earrings and other basic pieces are appropriate-it about quality, not quantity. If all else fails, recollecting and toning it down would be ideal.

Appropriate jewelry Earrings For An Interview

Pick an inconspicuous pair of earrings with a basic plan. Avoid dangles and large loop earrings since they can redirect the interviewer and cause them to ignore a critical component of the conversation. This incorporates remote interviews. Indeed, even in your workspace, keep your look professional while talking with spotters by staying with a pair of understated earrings.

The most appropriate earrings to wear to an interview are generally studs or ear-embracing loops. Curved huggie loops give a little character while not distracting from what you bring to the job you’re interviewing for.

A sparking pair of studs will add some flair, and if you wear them with a low bun, they may be the stand-out component you want.

Finally, you can’t turn out badly with a pair of basic pearl earrings. Also, an understated, dangling pearl charm can be a tasteful way to enhance your look.

Interview-Ready Bracelets

Knowing which bracelets to wear to an interview can be precarious. With such countless various styles to look over, it very well may be easy to gravitate to one that doesn’t necessarily qualify as interview jewelry.

Whether your interview is face-to-face or remote, a hair tie is certainly not an ideal bracelet. There are better alternatives out there!

For starters, a sterling silver beaded bracelet will give you a clean look without being distracting. It also goes with pretty much any interview outfit.

Another piece that always works is sleeve bracelets. Go with a slight, hammered sleeve bracelet to show you mean business.

While you’re wearing neutral tints, a warm-toned gold bracelet could be the piece that unites your look.

If you’re as yet uncertain of which bracelet to pick, a pleasant watch is always an immortal choice.

Interview-Ready Necklaces

Your necklace will no doubt be the most noticeable piece of interview jewelry you put on. In this way, your interview day isn’t the place for a thick statement necklace.

Dream enormous while answering interview questions, and think small while styling your interview jewelry. This is especially valid for virtual interviews. Since you’re just introducing from the chest up, a large and/or brilliant necklace can easily distract the interviewer and detract based on what you’re saying.

One kind of necklace to wear to an interview is a small, shaded pendant. With a necklace like this, you’re able to show a little personality while as yet maintaining a refined look.

Pearl necklaces are also safe wagers for interviews-simply make sure you go with a solitary chain of small-to-medium-sized pearls. At the end of the day, stay away from long or layered necklaces and/or larger-than-average pearls. To take the traditional pearl necklace course, attempt an in-vogue chain adorned with pearl detail.

Can’t choose? A basic, sterling silver necklace is always a safe wager about interview jewelry.

Interview-Ready Rings

Here and there you may want to wear a ring to supplement your bracelet or watch. Notwithstanding, the rings you wear to an interview should be kept to the base.

You can wear a sparkle accent ring and let it sparkle solo. Or on the other hand, you could add a classic ring like a jumble band on your other hand for balance. Any more rings may look too casual, adolescent, or distracting, so it’s usually a safe wager to keep it straightforward with tasteful band rings.

To hold it to one ring, consider a pop of variety with a natural emerald ring as your interview four-leaf clover.

Then again, midi and stacking rings may not be appropriate jewelry for a job interview.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring To An Interview?

You may be contemplating whether you should wear your engagement ring to an interview. The answer is, yes. Your wedding ring and/or engagement ring are appropriate to wear to a job interview.

Your potential business should not be basing its choice on whether you are engaged or married. On the off chance that they make inappropriate remarks or ask personal inquiries regarding it, perhaps now is the ideal time to continue toward the following interview.

One note, which we’ve focused on all through this article: make sure the ring(s) you wear aren’t too flashy or distracting. Assuming that you choose your engagement or wedding band, which probably has a sparkle to them, don’t overdo it by wearing additional rings. Keep things straightforward and classic.

What Jewelry Should You Avoid In A Job Interview?

Your jewelry should convey certainty without drawing attention away from you. Although you want to be memorable, beyond ridiculous pieces are usually not appropriate jewelry for a job interview. You want the memorable interviewer you for your abilities, not your accessories.

Assuming that you’re going in for an interview, attempt to avoid the jewelry styles beneath.


While dangle earrings and gold circles are adorable and fashionable, an interview isn’t an ideal opportunity to flaunt your fashion sense. Flaunt your industry sense instead.

Earring styles to stay away from include:

  • Brilliant varieties
  • Large gemstones
  • Dangling or larger than usual

Because of their location, earrings can easily become distracting, especially in virtual interviews where your face is upfront.


Bracelets that aren’t versatile for the workplace are probably too casual. You would rather not seem as though you’re going to the beach rather than a job interview.

  • Large, inconvenient bracelets (ex. charm bracelets, and so forth.)
  • Numerous bracelets (ex. bangle sets)
  • Splendid tones or beads

As a rule, you can do a jingle test to check whether your bracelets are appropriate for work. Assuming you move your wrist and you can hear your bracelets, it’s too a lot (meaning you failed the jingle test). These bracelets you can live in your “after work” assortment — not interview jewelry choices.


We realize statement neck pieces are in, yet let your abilities do the statement-making for your interview day.

Necklace styles to avoid include:

  • Layered necklaces
  • Large pendants
  • Plastic beads
  • Material chain alternative (ex. leather choker)

These “what-not-to-wear” interview jewelry examples all follow the subject of being a potential visual distraction.


Go light on the rings. You want to look easy, not flashy.

While adding a ring or two to your interview look, attempt to avoid:

  • Various rings per hand
  • Outfit jewelry
  • Brilliant shaded stones

Keep your accessories unobtrusive. If you are somebody who motions with their hands a great deal, a flashing ring could catch others unsuspecting. Try not to allow your rings to overshadow what merits your interviewers’ attention.

Find Interview Jewelry That’s Ideal For The Job

You just get one initial feeling. Thus, picking the right interview jewelry is vital to guaranteeing your potential manager recalls you for all the right reasons.

Try not to allow your jewelry to go into the room before you. Keep your selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings refined.

Do wear jewelry with natural tints rather than brilliant varieties. Do hold your rings to a maximum of two. Keep in mind, your wedding ring and engagement rings are appropriate jewelry for a job interview.